About us

localproalters.com provides you altered MTG cards professionally hand painted with acrylic colors painted by George Papadopoulos.

All cards are fully playable and  sealed with acrylic spray.

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MTG Altered Art Cards

Magic: The Gathering®, Mana Symbols, Images, and Intellectual property pertaining to Magic, is copyrighted and belongs to Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidary of Hasbro Inc. Localproalters.com is a service that paints and alters existing cards for the enjoyment of players and collectors. Localproalters.com does not wish to imply that anyone other than the original artists should be credited to the art printed on the cards prior to them being altered.


We are sending only registered insured letters, registered number is provided, if you want extra information about the date of delivery please send as a message.

How long it takes to finish a commission?

It depends on how big is this commission and how many commissions are on the line before yours, the best way to find this out is to

contact us, cause every situation is totally different.


Special Commissions

Send us a message to explain your preferences or example pictures
for your special commission, then we are going to send a picture painted
on photoshop to show you a preview of the final result and give you
the total price, then we proceed to the real card, after this step you will
receive a picture of the final result on the real card if you are

satisfied you can complete the purchase.

(you are not forced to pay for a preview or a real altered card that you dont like)

If there’s a card that you would like to buy altered and we don’t have it in our Gallery please contact us to make it available for purchase on our website.

Legality of Alterations

Borderless alterations are totally playable in any Sanctioned tournament.

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